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  • Type of Claims or Loss

    • Tornado Damage
    • Hurricane Damage
    • Wind Damage
    • Fire Damage
    • Smoke Damage
    • Storm Damage
    • Water Damage
    • A/C Leaks
    • Broken Pipes
    • Flood Damage
    • Hot Water Heater Leaks
    • Dishwasher Leaks
    • Washing Machine Leaks
    • Plumbing Damage
    • Roof Leaks
    • Sink Holes
    • Loss by Collapse
    • Mold Damage
    • Hail Damage
    • Yachts and Boats
    • Automobile
    • Motor Home/RV
  • Residential Claims

    • Homeowners
    • Condo Owners
    • Renters
  • Commercial Claims

    • Malls/Shopping Centers
    • Office Condominiums
    • Warehouses
    • Mechanic Shops
    • Places of Worship
    • Building Owners
  • Condominium Claims

    • Condo Associations
    • Condo Owners
    • Renters
    • Theft and Robbery
  • Business Claims

    • Building Owners
    • Theft
    • Loss of Income
    • Business Interruption
    • Vehicle Hitting Building
    • Vandalism
    • Fire, Smoke, Water Damage

Experienced Professional Public Adjusters in Florida

Many of our Public Adjusters used to work for insurance companies. We know the insurance settlement process inside out! We represent your best interests in negotiating an insurance claim settlement. Our expert claims adjusters work to get you the best possible settlement for your claim for loss or damages. Don’t ever think that the insurance company’s claims adjuster is looking out for you. He is not. The insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible. The insurance company adjuster is paid by the insurance company, and their sole responsibility is to the insurance company. Our sole responsibility is to you!

No matter where you are in the insurance claim process, we can help.

Help! My home was just damaged.

Can a Public Adjuster help me?

Yes – Definitely! Our Public Adjuster will give you advice to protect your interest. Right from the very start, you will have someone on your team. Your Public Adjuster will help you with documenting the damage associated with your loss. Your Public Adjuster will document details and help you understand insurance policy terms and conditions. Call one of our licensed and experienced Public Insurance Adjusters right away.

I’ve already filed a claim with my insurance company. Their adjuster came out and took pictures.

Should I call a Public Adjuster, too?

Absolutely! While you must take measures to protect your property from further damage, be careful to not disturb the situation. Do not throw anything away, even if the insurance company adjusters say that you can. You need to have a Public Adjuster in Florida on your side protecting your rights and helping you to get the best possible settlement for your claim. The purpose of an insurance policy is to be sure that you can restore your property to its original condition in the event of a catastrophe or damage. Your Public Adjustor will help you get everything you need from your insurance claim settlement.

I have received and cashed a settlement check for my insurance claims, but it isn’t enough to complete the repairs and restore my home to the original condition.

Is it too late to call a Public Adjuster?

Call Right Away! In Florida, you have five (5) years from the date of loss to dispute your insurance company’s settlement of your claim for damages. Even if you have already cashed the settlement check – even if you have already begun the repairs, your Public Adjuster Florida can provide a Free/No Risk Audit of your insurance claim to be sure that all items were properly documented, and that you have received everything you were entitled to receive under your insurance policy’s coverage.

What is a Florida Public Adjuster?

A Florida Public Adjuster is licensed by the State of Florida Department of Financial Services. We work exclusively to benefit you, the insured policy holder. The Florida Public Adjusters’ main responsibility is to strive to protect your rights and interests in a claim for a loss against the Insurance Company. You have the right to the maximum benefit available under your policy, and our Public Insurance Adjuster Florida has the experience, knowledge and expertise to make sure you get your entitlements. A Public Claims Adjuster will know current laws as they affect insurance losses and how to best represent you. Public Claims Adjusters have the resources to help you through the maze of estimating, documenting, and filing your insurance claims. Florida Public Adjusters are the only insurance professionals licensed by the state to represent and protect insured consumers.

Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente, when discussing the merits of the Florida Public Insurance Adjuster, had this to say: “… we ought to encourage them [the public adjuster]. I’m going to get one next time. It does sound like they are doing a very important service.”

What is the difference between a Public Adjuster and the Insurance Company Adjuster?

The Public Adjuster works for you, and their fiduciary responsibility and ultimate responsibility is solely to you. The insurance company adjuster is employed by the insurance company, and naturally their responsibility is to their employer. It is not possible for an insurance company adjuster to protect your interests without prejudice, since he or she is obligated to protect the interests of the insurance company at the same time. Company-employed insurance claim adjusters are obligated to review your situation fairly, but their employer requires that the settlement any commercial or home insurance claim be as low as possible. Your independent insurance claims adjuster will review your loss and damages to determine exactly what is required to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Your Florida Claims Adjuster will make certain that the quality of materials and workmanship is considered in making your claim for loss. At Public Adjuster Florida, we want you to be able to have your home or business restored to the exact condition it was in prior to the damage. After all, isn’t that why you have been paying for insurance all these years?

What is a Claims Adjuster?

You may hear the Public Adjuster referred to also as a private adjuster, a certified claims adjuster, or a licensed claims adjuster. These are all the same thing in that they represent your interests, and they do not work for the insurance company. For clarification, there are actually three types of claims adjusters licensed by the State of Florida:

Insurance Company Adjuster – is employed by the Insurance Company, and they represent the insurance company in dealing with your claim for loss and damages. The Insurance Company Adjusters have their main responsibility directed toward the protection of the interests of the Insurance Company itself.

Independent Claims Adjusters – are hired by the Insurance Company, and they represent the insurance company in evaluating your claim for loss and damages. The Insurance Company may wish to present the Independent Claims Adjuster as an impartial entity in the evaluation of your claim, however, the Independent Claims Adjusters still have their main responsibility directed toward protecting the interests of the Insurance Company itself.

Public Adjuster – is the only Adjuster licensed by the Department of Finance in the State of Florida with the specific purpose to represent you, the Insured, and to protect your interests in the Insurance Claims process. The Public Insurance Adjusters primary responsibility is to protect you interests in claims and to be sure that you receive all the benefits allowed under your insurance policy.

What are the fees for a Public Adjuster in Florida?

There are no upfront fees for a Public Adjuster in Florida to help you with your insurance claim for loss or damages. Public Adjuster fees are based on a percentage of the settlement funds for their service to you. Your Florida Public Adjuster is not paid until you receive your settlement from your insurance company. Percentages are very small when compared to the value of the service they provide. Take a look at the chart here which shows the dramatic benefit when you use a Public Adjuster. Research shows that when engaging the help of a Public Adjuster, homeowners insurance claims for a catastrophic event were paid a settlement 747% higher than for those homeowners who did not use a Public Adjuster. In the event of a non-catastrophic event, such as fire or water damage, the settlement was 547% larger. These statistics make the decision to contact our independent public adjusters a very easy choice, and remember … the best thing about our public adjuster’s service is that it is risk free. If you don’t get paid, then we don’t get paid.

What is a Public Adjuster?

Did you know that the vast majority of insurance claims in the United States are seriously underpaid? Our licensed Public Adjusters work exclusively for you, the insurance policy holder. Having a licensed Public Adjuster on your team eliminates any possible conflict of interest that exists when one insurance adjuster represents both you and your insurance company. Always remember that the insurance company adjusters are solely responsibility to the insurance company itself. Our Public Adjuster’s responsibility is to you and you alone! We are experienced with all sorts of residential, homeowner, commercial, business and condominium property claims, such as fire, water, hurricane, mold, pipe breaks, leaking plumbing, or any other damage or loss. Our licensed Public Adjusters are seasoned experts in the insurance industry who have helped thousands of owners of homes, businesses, condominiums, and condominium associations to claim the correct amount for damages and obtain the settlements they rightfully deserve. With our licensed insurance adjuster having extensive knowledge of insurance policies and construction industry and cost to repair and rebuild damaged property, we have obtained insurance settlements that were significantly greater than the insurance company’s initial settlement offer. Think about it … you have paid your insurance premiums for years, perhaps for decades, with the intended purpose to be able to restore your home or business to its original condition in the event of a loss. Now that you need your insurance benefits, you need to be sure that your side of the story is adequately represented. You need a Public Adjuster on your team. Remember – we only get paid when you do. There are no upfront fees.

How Do I Find a Public Adjuster in South Florida?

Our Public Adjusters in South Florida are the only insurance professionals who are licensed by the State of Florida to represent and protect the interests of insured consumers. Keep in mind that we have extensive experience with repair issues and the cost of making those repairs. When you are considering using the services of a Public Adjuster in South Florida, here are a few things to investigate:

Is your South Florida Public Adjuster properly licensed? Be certain they have a valid license to be a Public Adjuster and that the license is current with the State of Florida.

Are your South Florida Public Adjusters experienced? Many of our licensed Public Adjusters previously worked for the insurance companies themselves, so they know the claims/settlement process inside and out. Our Public Adjusters have varied backgrounds, from financial and insurance to construction and home repair. Always make sure the public adjuster you choose has the right knowledge for your claim.

Does your South Florida Public Adjuster exhibit proper professionalism? Our certified public adjusters will explain your rights under your insurance policy, if needed. Our licensed public claims adjusters will go over the terms of your contract leaving no blanks and completely explain the fee structure. Remember, the public adjuster only gets paid when a settlement is paid to you by your insurance company? Be sure you understand what you are paying for. We are happy to go over any details.

Are you comfortable with your South Florida Public Adjuster? We understand that this can be a very difficult, tense and emotional time. Sustaining damage to your home or property is never easy. Be sure that your public adjuster in Miami or throughout Florida is someone you can communicate with, who can help you navigate through these traumatic times, and who will help you get the best possible settlement for your claim. This is why you have insurance … to protect you in the event of a loss. This is why you need a public adjuster … to protect your rights under your insurance policy.

Testimonials from Our Satisfied Clients

Gerald T. in Miami Florida called in to say:

We were just working with our insurance adjuster in Miami and our agent, and I thought they were looking out for my best interests. Even after my agent smiled and told me their Florida insurance adjusters were great and what a good settlement I received, my public adjuster in Miami was able to re-file my claim and get me 250% more. That was huge! I’m so glad I found this website. Your public disaster insurance adjuster made all the difference in the world.

Sophie T. in Tampa Florida writes:

Well, I set my dishwasher delay for 2 hours and went to bed. This is my normal method of doing dishes so the noise doesn’t interfere with TV-watching time. Only this time a dishwasher leak flooded my entire downstairs. The leaking dishwasher woke up my dog who started to whine and woke me up to find the flood. I was at a loss as even how to get started. I searched the Internet and talked to a few people, but it was the independent public adjusters at Public Adjusters Florida who really helped the most. My insurance public adjuster knew what to look for and made sure that my insurance claim included everything that was damaged, complete with pictures, receipt and appropriate documentation. I’m grateful my settlement was enough to put my house back to normal.

Audrey H. in Orlando Florida writes:

Public Adjusters Florida looked at my fire insurance claim and saw that the company insurance adjuster in Florida had really missed a lot. Even though the fire was only located in the kitchen in the middle of my house, I had a lot of smoke and water damage throughout my house. Thanks to my independent claim adjuster, my settlement more than tripled. We were able to take care of all the soot-covered paint and water-logged furniture, which when you think about it, those things were damaged because of the fire. Why shouldn’t my insurance company pay to repair and replace them? I think anyone’s home insurance claim should have a Public Adjuster go over it to protect the homeowner’s interests. Our public Florida adjuster really made a huge difference in our settlement.

Bill R. in Jacksonville Florida wrote to us:

Now I know how important Florida claims adjustors can be. I had cashed my settlement check, and it barely covered materials for the repairs on my roof where the tree crashed through. I contacted these public insurance adjustors and asked them to take a look at my settlement and see if the company’s insurance claims adjustor had missed anything. The insurance claims adjustor from my insurance company had grossly under-estimated the cost of materials and labor to fix my roof. I’m glad I decided to go for the free claims audit with these private insurance adjusters. The private adjuster was able to prove that repairing a portion of my roof would leave my home at risk for further damage and would significantly reduce the overall value of my home. My insurance company agreed, after reviewing my private adjuster’s documentation, that a whole roof replacement was needed. Just imagine if I had not sought my own private adjuster. I would have lost a huge amount of value from my home. I always recommend that people get a private insurance adjuster now.

Randall S. in Naples Florida writes:

Remember the hurricanes a few years ago? Well I dealt with the catastrophic claims adjuster from my insurance company, and everything was done in such a hurry-up manner, that there were a lot of things overlooked. I just had a feeling that he was missing a lot. I was really unhappy with the lingering problems my house was having, so within the five year deadline, I had a Public Adjuster Florida representative take a look at my claim and settlement documents from the insurance company’s loss adjuster. I had a lot of pictures showing what my house looked like before the hurricane, and we took a lot of pictures showing how things were still not right. My Public Adjuster filed an amended claim with my insurance company, and I was able to get a 687% increase in the settlement amount. I am very pleased. I think everyone should use a Public Adjuster. Not having a Public Adjuster on your side is like going to court and expecting the other guy’s lawyer to help you. It just won’t happen.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find Central Florida Public Adjusters? Mildred O. in Maitland, Florida

Simply complete the Get Started Form above, and one of our Central Florida Public Adjusters will get in touch with you right away. If you have not yet submitted your claim, we can submit it on your behalf. If you already have submitted your claim, our Public Adjusters will contact your insurance carrier and inform them that our Public Adjusters have asked to handle your claim. We will let them know that they are to interact with us regarding your claim. Our Public Adjuster will arrange for the Insurance Company’s Adjuster to review the loss with us at the property. If the Insurance Company’s Adjuster has already inspected the damaged property, we evaluate the damages and estimate the loss, and request that the Insurance Company’s Adjuster re-visit the damaged property and discuss your loss and the damages with us. In the event you have been displaced, or if you have lost business revenue, then we can submit a request for reimbursement in your settlement claim (if you have that coverage). After this initial meeting and providing our estimate of the damages to the Insurance Company’s Adjuster, we will continue to negotiate, by phone and in writing, until the best possible settlement has been attained. You will be kept informed of these negotiations as they progress. We will handle any additional meetings, if they are required, and if needed, we will arrange for a neutral appraisal to substantiate our claim. It will not be necessary for you to be present for any subsequent meetings. When we have reached the best possible claim settlement, then we will review the details of the settlement offer with you. You always have the right to approve or disapprove your insurance company’s settlement offer.

Why do I need a certified claims adjuster? Joseph P. in Tallahassee Florida

Florida Insurance companies always use professionally trained certified insurance claims adjusters to evaluate claims on their behalf. Individual policyholders throughout Florida need to have equal representation by Public Claims Adjusters that understand Florida Laws and Statutes, who understand the specific Florida insurance policies and specific provisions, and who also understand how to present a claim and negotiate a successful claim settlement which benefits you, the insured.

I need to claim insurance benefits for leaking plumbing water damage. Can you help me? Barbara I. in Broward County Florida

Our Public Adjusters Florida, in Broward County and throughout Florida, know that water damage can cause severe damage. We thoroughly check your home, office or place of business to be sure you claim every item which is damaged or lost. Our Public Adjuster’s review is critically important since you will depend on these settlement funds to restore your home, business, or facility back to its original condition. Leaking plumbing water damage is a very common cause of property damage and something that we see often as Public Adjusters in Florida. Some of the causes of water damage include:

  • Pipe break in a wall or underground
  • Pipe leak under a sink
  • Air conditioner leak can be caused when drain hoses are clogged and drip pans overflow
  • Sewer drain clogged causing overflowing water and waste into the building
  • Hot Water Heaters can leak when the bottom rusts out due to old age or damage
  • Roof Leaks happen often in South Florida, however, the roof may not be covered. The property inside may be covered for any resulting damage.
Can your public adjusters re-open denied insurance claims? Joel T. in Pensacola Florida

It is possible that our independent claim adjusters can get your denied insurance claims re-opened, however, it is always better to contact private insurance adjuster before you file your home insurance claims. It is possible that once your claim for loss or damages has been denied, you may need an attorney to get the insurance company to re-open the claim. It is best to consult with our Public Claims Adjusters in Florida as soon as your property is damaged and right after your call to your insurance agent notifying them of the loss or damage.

Do you handle fire insurance claims? Peter M. in Kissimmee Florida

Every year, we experience over $10 billion in damage from fire. Fire insurance claims are actually quite complicated and there are many factors which will have an impact on your settlement. We strongly suggest that you do not try to submit a complex Fire or Smoke Damage claim without the assistance of our experience public property damage adjusters. It is not always easy to see the full extent of the fire or smoke damage to your home or business. Our public property claims adjusters will take great care to inspect all parts of your home or building to uncover all of the fire, smoke and water damage caused as a result of the fire. Our public property insurance adjusters will provide a detailed report of the reconstruction process, as well as outline the proper clean up procedure for the damaged area. Our Public Adjuster will also include repairs necessary for any other areas of your home or building which could have been exposed and cause future issues due to the fire. Public Adjusters Florida have extensive knowledge of construction and cleanup methods, and we will develop detailed estimates of your damages. The end result will be a more successful insurance claim for fire damage against your insurance company and a higher settlement.

How can I find a public adjuster and get the best claim settlement possible? Daniel M. in Naples Florida

Public Adjuster Florida offers these tips to get the best insurance claim settlement possible:

  • Inspect the damage to your property immediately, completely and thoroughly
  • Estimate the damage to your property as accurately as possible and also include any other associated losses
  • Thoroughly read your insurance policy and determine what part of your loss is covered
  • Be sure to document everything! Take photos showing the current damages, and include “before” photos, receipts for purchase and installation, and repair/restoration estimates
  • Always stand up for your rights. Don’t let the insurance company representatives intimidate or belittle your concerns.

The best choice you can make is to level the playing field by having a public independent insurance adjuster on your team. You have the right to a fair claim settlement. That is why you have been faithfully paying insurance premiums for all these years. With our public claims adjusters at your side, you can be certain to get the best insurance claim settlement possible.

Where do I get a flood insurance adjuster? Marie R. in Miami Beach Florida

At Public Adjusters Florida, we treat flood insurance claims with the utmost care and thorough inspections. Many times it is impossible to see the full extent of the damage until the water has receded and the property has begun to dry out. Our Florida adjusters are very experienced and know where to look for the commonly overlooked problems associated with flood damage. Our Public Adjusters in Miami Beach also know that a frequent result of flood damage is the resulting mold infestation. These issues must be addressed by the insurance claims investigators in order for you to receive an appropriate and fair claim settlement.

How do I find a Florida claims adjuster in Jacksonville Florida? David R. in Jacksonville Florida

Simply start with the contact form at the top of this page. One of our Public Adjusters will contact you right away to discuss your loss and evaluate the current state of your claim. Be sure to save all of your documentation. It will be helpful to have pictures of the affected area from before the damage occurred, and take pictures as soon as possible after your property is damaged. Receipts are also very important to establish the value of the items which were lost or damaged. A private insurance adjuster in Jacksonville can be extremely helpful for making sure that your loss is accurately documented and you get the best claim settlement possible.

Where can I get a public adjuster to review my home owners insurance claims?

Robert O. in Hollywood Florida

At Public Adjuster Florida, we will be happy to perform an audit of any previous claims against your homeowner’s insurance policy. In the claim audit process, we will review all of the details of your claim and settlement to be absolutely certain that you have received the best possible outcome from your home insurance claim. The Public adjuster claim review process will be quick and very thorough and could result in your settlement amount being revised to award you additional funds for your insurance claim settlement.

Can you tell me where to get a Tampa public adjuster? George F. in Tampa Florida

In the event of any kind of property damage, whether from air conditioning leaks, broken pipes, dishwasher leaks, fire damage, flood damage, hot water heater leaks, hurricane damage, mold damage, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, hail damage, smoke damage, storm damage, theft or vandalism, business interruption, tornado damage, a vehicle hitting your building, water damage, or wind damage, our experience Tampa public adjusters are here to help you. Insurance claims adjustment is a very detailed and intensive field, and we pay attention to all of those details to help you get the best claim settlement possible. Complete the Get Started form at the top of this page, and one of our representatives will contact you right away.

Can you explain – What is a claims adjuster? John G. in West Palm Beach Florida

Your insurance company employs its own insurance claims adjusters. These insurance loss adjusters review claims and offer settlements as they see fit and based on what is to the insurance company’s advantage, in other words, to pay out as little as possible. Insurance company adjusters protect the insurance companies. Our insurance Public Adjusters team protects and represents your interests. Our Public Florida Adjusters will assist you in presenting your claim for loss or damages. Your insurance company puts the burden of proof for your damages or loss on you. You must prove that your home or business has sustained damage and present a detailed account of your loss. Having a claims advocate, a licensed public insurance claims adjuster on your side levels the playing field and helps to assure that your claim settlement is the amount you need to restore your home or business property to the amount you need.

How can you find a public insurance claims adjuster? Melissa W. in Pembroke Pines Florida

In the hands of our certified public adjuster, claims are completely documented and as accurate as possible. To contact one of our experienced public claims adjuster, just complete the Get Started form at the top of this page. We strongly recommend that you always use our qualified public adjuster in Florida insurance claims to protect your rights under your insurance policy. The insurance companies go to great lengths to have their homeowners insurance adjuster pay you as little as possible for your loss or damages. Remember, insurance companies are for-profit entities. The insurance loss adjuster for your insurance company is required to look after the company’s best interest, not yours. Only with our Public Adjuster Florida insurance claim adjuster can you be certain that your best interests are being protected.

Why do I need a public claim adjuster? Tony L. in Gainesville Florida

You need a Public Adjuster Florida to have an advocate on your side. Acting as your personal claims advocate and property and casualty adjuster, we will review your insurance policy terms and provisions to provide you the best possible advice as to what you are entitled to as a settlement. Our public property adjusters will fully document the loss and damages to claim and present the completed claim to your insurance company. Our public property adjuster will provide your insurance company with a thoroughly detailed repair estimate based on our in depth knowledge of construction materials and labor costs. Our property claim adjuster will provide your insurance company the physical inventory of items lost or damaged and our appraisal of your damaged personal property. Our public property claims adjuster will negotiate on your behalf the best possible settlement for your claim. We will keep you apprised of ongoing settlement efforts and provide with copies of all documentation. Dealing with insurance adjusters can be extremely stressful, and we are here to relieve you of the stress and hardship of having to do it alone.

How do I contact a public adjuster Boca Raton? Kimberly W. in Boca Raton Florida

Our Public Adjuster Florida representatives are available in Boca Raton and throughout the state. We Floridians encounter insurance challenges that are truly unique. We always pay top dollar because of our specific risk for extreme weather to insure our homes and business. We definitely understand that it is our responsibility to always protect our property, homes and businesses from risk. Eventually, we all know we will have to use the benefits of our policies to make a claim for loss or damages. However, when that loss or damage finally occurs, you will encounter significant challenges. First, your insurance company will send their own field claims adjuster to review and evaluate your claim for loss or damage. This Florida insurance adjuster is specifically trained and skilled to minimize the insurance company’s expense on your claim. Secondly, the preparation and continued follow-up on your insurance claim is a highly detailed and often overwhelming procedure which includes many forms, documentations and lengthy follow-up. Our public insurance adjusting professionals are very well equipped to accomplish these intricate processes and assure the best possible settlement for your claim for loss or damages.

How can I find a public adjuster Tampa or St. Petersburg area? Jeff J. in St. Petersburg Florida

When looking for a public claims adjuster Florida location, you can simply start with the contact form at the top of this page and one of our certified public claim adjuster Florida representatives will contact you right away. We find that most homeowners are usually content with their tried and true homeowner’s insurance policy, and they continue paying their regular premiums and not really thinking too much about the whole process. However, when it comes time to file a claim for loss or damages to their home or business property, then all that changes. Actually, the homeowner and the insurance company are on opposing sides of the situation. The insurance company is a profit seeking business and as such, they want to minimize their costs which include paying out claim settlements. After paying insurance premiums faithfully for years or decades even, the homeowner, having sustained damages and loss, has the right to have his home or business property restored.

Where can I find an accredited claims adjuster? Malorie L. in Sarasota Florida

At Public Adjuster Florida, our accredited claims adjusters will be happy to help you maximize your claim settlement so you can properly restore your home or business property. We find that homeowners are not likely to thoroughly read their insurance policies. You probably read it when you first purchased your insurance, and it not usually chosen for casual reading material. We know that insurance policies documents are filled with technical jargon that is difficult for those who aren’t in the industry. Our certified independent insurance adjusters do understand this technical language and insurance policy details. Many of our public claims adjusters have even been employed by insurance companies themselves. Each public Florida insurance adjuster is licensed by the State of Florida and is required to adhere to strict ethical policies. Having a public home insurance adjuster on your side assures you that your interests are documented and properly represented. If you do not have public home insurance adjusters looking after your best interests, then it is likely that you will not receive all that you are entitled to. Independent insurance adjuster firms understand the details required and will make sure that these requirements are met so that you get a fair settlement for your claim.

Where do I get a catastrophe claim adjuster? Leslie T. in Daytona Beach Florida

Our certified Public Adjusters in Florida are extensively qualified and expert catastrophe claims adjusters. We know that property damage to home and business property in Florida is serious concern each summer at the start of hurricane season. The timeline of Florida’s history is dotted with hurricanes that caused major losses for Florida home and business owners. Insurance companies have moved to limit their risk with Florida insurance policies as much as possible as any catastrophe adjuster can tell you. Our professional catastrophe insurance adjuster will help you gain a thorough understanding of your insurance policy and coverage in the event of hurricane damage. Often our public catastrophe insurance adjusters can re-open insurance claims determine if a homeowner received a fair settlement for hurricane damage.

Where can I get public adjusters Miami or Hialeah? Anthony P. in Hialeah Florida

Our Public Adjusters are more than able to review your property damage and claim documents. If you are looking for a Public Adjuster Miami or anywhere throughout the State of Florida, our adjusters insurance expertise will provide the best possible result from your claim for loss and damages. Our Public Adjusters Miami FL are authorities on insurance claims for loss or damages that you can retain to help you evaluate the extent of the damages and loss, prepare the substantiating documentation, file the claim with your insurance company, and negotiate your insurance claim settlement. Keep in mind that your private insurance adjuster has years of experience and training and can always file your with more thoroughness and competence than the average policyholder. The typical property insurance claims contain many provisions and require various forms that change frequently. Your personal public insurance claims adjuster Florida can handle the many complex details about your settlement claim for loss and damages. In public insurance claims adjusting, we know that the burden of proof is on you, the policyholder. Our Miami Public Adjusters will always review all the relevant details to be sure your insurance claim is as complete and comprehensive as possible.

My shopping center was damaged by a tornado. Do you have a public commercial claims adjuster? Michael T. in Weston Florida

Yes, we do have experienced public claims adjusters who specialize in commercial insurance claims. These claims need to be handled in a specific way to avoid causing your claim to be delayed, denied or settled for too little money. Our commercial public adjuster understands your rights and your coverage under the terms of your policy. In order to maximize your commercial claim settlement, our public adjuster will prepare your insurance claim completely and correctly, and monitor its progress through your insurance company’s claims process. Since we work solely for you, the insured policy holder, we will strive to obtain a claim settlement which completely funds the necessary restoration of your business property.

Can a public adjuster help me in dealing with the insurance adjuster at my insurance company? Everett G. in Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Yes, and you should have a public adjuster acting on your behalf. After all, the insurance company adjuster is acting on their behalf. It is not possible for their adjuster to represent your best interests to the insurance company. Keep in mind – We only get paid when you receive your claim settlement. Our fee is a small percentage of the settlement amount. Since studies have shown that claim settlements can be five to seven times greater when you use a public adjuster, our 10-20% fee is a small price to pay for such an enormous benefit.