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    • Fire Damage
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    • Storm Damage
    • Water Damage
    • A/C Leaks
    • Broken Pipes
    • Flood Damage
    • Hot Water Heater Leaks
    • Dishwasher Leaks
    • Washing Machine Leaks
    • Plumbing Damage
    • Roof Leaks
    • Sink Holes
    • Loss by Collapse
    • Mold Damage
    • Hail Damage
    • Yachts and Boats
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    • Condo Owners
    • Renters
    • Theft and Robbery
  • Business Claims

    • Building Owners
    • Theft
    • Loss of Income
    • Business Interruption
    • Vehicle Hitting Building
    • Vandalism
    • Fire, Smoke, Water Damage

Why Do We Need Public Adjusters?

We need Public Adjusters in order to level the playing field with the insurance companies and to maximize any claim settlement received. The insurance companies have professional claims adjusters who are given the responsibility of protecting the insurance companies’ interests in any negotiations with you, the policy holder. You have paid your insurance policy premiums faithfully for years, and even for decades, and now that your home or business property has been damaged, you have every right to expect that your insurance company with be there to get things repaired and set right again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that. Always remember that your insurance company is a for-profit business, and they are extremely motivated to keep their expenses (that is, any claim settlement) as low as possible. In their efforts to minimize their outflow of settlement expenditures, you are the one who is left holding the bag. You are often left without enough funds to completely repair and restore your home or business property to its original condition. This is why we need Public Adjusters … to maximize your insurance adjuster claim settlements with a Public Adjuster in Florida.

Public Adjusters for Commercial Claims

While Public Adjusters dealing with home or condominium damages from fire, flood, or even from a catastrophic event like a hurricane or tornado, is a critically important role, an even greater level of expertise and experience is required of those Public Adjusters who negotiate commercial claims for loss or damage to business, office, warehouse, retail stores or other commercial properties. Depending on the coverage provided by your policy, it may be possible to claim loss for tangible damage to your building, equipment, materials, inventory, supplies and other items, as well as claim for intangibles such as loss of income during the time you were unable to operate your business. You cannot expect the insurance company’s claims adjuster, or even your insurance agent, to take all of these items into account and to work to protect your best interests. At the end of the day, the fact remains that they work for the insurance company. This is why it is critically important that you have a Public Adjuster for Commercial Claims on your side, representing your best interests, advocating for the best possible claim settlement to restore your business property and to adequately compensate you for all you have lost. This is why you have insurance in the first place, and you should be able to get what you rightfully deserve to keep your business running. Public Adjusters make a world of difference.

Public Adjusters vs. Insurance Company Adjusters

Understanding the difference between Public Adjusters vs. Insurance Company Adjusters is an important key to obtaining the best possible settlement for your claim. If you have just suffered loss or damage due to a fire, flood, hurricane or some other traumatic event, you may not feel confident or qualified to represent yourself in the claim negotiations. The burden of proof is on you, and you must be able to document your damage and loss with pictures, receipts and any other records available. Public Adjusters will thoroughly examine your insurance policy, which could be quite lengthy and contain many provisions and complicated legal terminology. Public Adjusters understand that in order to be adequately compensated for your loss, you must satisfy certain conditions. If you do not, your claim settlement could be significantly reduced or even denied. Statistics show that using Public Adjusters results in a greatly increased claim settlement. In the event on catastrophic claims, using Public Adjusters results in as much as a 700% increase in settlement funding. In the event of non-catastrophic insurance claims, Public Adjusters have averaged claim settlements approximately 500% higher than those settlements where no Public Adjuster was involved. Public Adjusters have extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise and are able to obtain the maximum benefits available under your insurance policy. Always remember that the insurance company adjuster is solely representing the interests of the insurance company. Public Adjusters have the resources to be able to help you navigate the maze of recording, documenting, estimating, and submitting your insurance claims, and as a result, you can maximize your insurance adjuster claim settlements with a Public Adjuster in Florida.

Fees for Public Adjusters

Our Public Adjusters fees are always contingency based! If YOU don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Your Insurance Company’s adjuster is not going to be thorough and comprehensive in searching out all the items and details regarding your damage or loss. That isn’t their mission. The only way they will spend any significant amount of time on your case is if your hire our Public Adjusters and we force them to be more thorough and complete in their investigation. Insurance Company adjusters have hundreds of cases, and they just want to get through them all as quickly as possible. When they overlook details, this costs you money! Our Public Adjusters take the time to prepare a comprehensive and complete detailed evaluation of your property damage or loss. Our Public Adjusters then fight for every line item of your insurance claim to get you fully paid.

Reviews from Our Satisfied Clients

Jerry G. in Miami Beach Florida writes

First I submitted a claim for damage to my home, and I got $6,000. I knew that wasn’t enough to fix my house, so I hired a Public Adjuster a different company, and he brought me another $11,000 which I figured was about as much as I was going to get. A friend suggested that I contact Public Adjusters Florida. You folks are amazing … thorough, intelligent and tenacious! You really fought for my rights. I ended up getting another $75,000. If it wasn’t for your knowledge, experience and tenacity, the money that was rightfully mine would have stayed in the insurance company’s pocket!

Sarah T. in Clearwater Florida writes:

My roof sustained damage from a very intense thunderstorm and tornado a couple of years ago. It was quite a while before I was able to determine the full extent of the damages.  I reported roof damage and the leaks to my insurance company myself, and the insurance company’s adjuster decided to deny my claim. A friend suggested I contact you right away.  I am so glad I had that conversation with my neighbor because my call to Public Adjusters Florida was one of the best I ever made. Thanks to your efforts, my claim settlement from my insurance company was enough to completely replace my roof and as well as pay for the water damage inside my house. People like me really don’t have a chance going up against an insurance company and dealing with their adjusters directly.  I paid my premium for decades expecting my insurance company to be there for me when the need arose, but they were nothing but a pain, treating me like a liar and a cheat. I’m so grateful for Public Adjusters … you are true consumer advocates.

Allen H. in Coral Springs Florida writes:

Your Public Adjusters were the best thing that ever could have happened for our family.  We are a working middle class family who could not afford to repair our house after storm damage, but that’s why we’ve paying for insurance all these years – right?  Our Insurance Company claims adjuster said that in our roof didn’t sustain enough damage to qualify for a new roof, yet every time we had any rain at all, the roof would leak. Your Public Adjusters came to evaluate the damages and resubmitted the claim. Thanks to your help, we were able to get a claim settlement for the full policy limit that gave us enough money to put on a whole new roof.  Now we don’t worry any more about the ceiling caving in every time it rains now.  Now our home feels safe again.

Barney R. in Fort Lauderdale Florida called in to say:

After one of the huge storms, we had damage to our home and decided to submit the claim ourselves. We followed all the rules for our insurance claim and felt rather confident that we had submitted everything correctly. It took over a month for an insurance company adjuster to out to the house and assess the damage to our home. When we received the claim settlement check, it was for $5,200 – not even enough to cover the internal damages to our home. We contacted Public Adjusters Florida, and their adjuster came out to our home immediately and re-assessed the damages. He took photos and documented all the damages. We were confident that he had everything under control. He explained everything that was going on and explained how he would represent us. Public Adjusters was able to obtain a claim settlement for $19,000.00 more. If I ever have any more damage to my home or business, I will definitely call Public Adjusters Florida for their help. I strongly recommend anyone with an insurance claim to contact them immediately to represent their best interests against the insurance company. Their fee was nothing compared to the benefit they provide.

Richmond S. in Boca Raton Florida writes:

I filed an insurance claim myself for fire damage to my house and received a check for $7900.  I kind of figured that the insurance company had spoken and that was that. The cost to repair the actual damage was far greater than the $7900. It didn’t even address the smoke and water damage to my home. Several months later, my brother recommended that I speak to your company. Your Public Adjusters thought the amount was much lower than what I should have received. He evaluated the insurance company’s settlement offer and saw that there were items mentioned (the roofing shingles were one example) that weren’t even the right materials. Your Public Adjuster was very professional, detailed oriented, and thorough and factual. The bottom line is that my final claim settlement netted me another $11,000. I can’t recommend your services highly enough.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I need to file an insurance claim for water damage from my leaking dishwasher. Can you help me? Bonnie L. in Hialeah Florida

Yes, our Public Adjusters will be happy to help you. By having a Public Adjuster on your team, you can be certain that your home will be thoroughly inspected for damages which might not be obvious to the casual observer. You can also be confident that your Public Adjuster will check for mold infestation or problems which might have developed in the walls, floors or cabinets. Your Public Adjuster will advocate on your behalf to be sure you get the claim settlement you need to restore your home to its original condition.

Will public adjusters re-file a denied insurance claims or do I need a lawyer? Joseph T. in West Palm Beach Florida

Our Public Adjusters would have to review you claim and documentation, along with the denial of claim documentation, to determine the best possible course of action. If it is possible to re-open your claim by submitting additional documentation and asking the insurance company adjuster to meet us at your home or business to inspect and re-evaluate the damages and loss, then our Public Adjuster will take care of this process for you. If we determine that a lawyer will be required to get your insurance company to renegotiate your claim, then we will assist you with this process as well.

Do you handle fire insurance claims and all the water and smoke damage that come with it? Jonathan H. in Pembroke Pines Florida

Absolutely! One of the most commonly over-looked aspects of a fire damage claim is the loss and damage due to smoke and water damage. The insurance company adjuster frequently bypasses this extensive area of damage, and you are left with a home or business with significantly negative impact from the damaging event. Our Public Adjusters are well-skilled and very experienced with this type of home and business damage, and they know how to claim all the areas of loss which have occurred.

How do I find a licensed and certified professional Florida claims adjuster in the Ft. Lauderdale area of Florida? Daniel G. in Weston Florida

Simply begin with the contact form on this page. One of our representatives will contact you immediately to discuss your situation and answer any questions you might have. Each of our Public Adjusters is fully licensed and certified by the State of Florida Division of Finance. Many of our Public Adjusters were once adjusters for the insurance companies themselves. They have the experience and resources needed to put together an accurate and complete claim for the loss and damages to your home or business property.

Where can I find public adjusters who can review my claims on my homeowner’s insurance policy? Ronald E. in Coral Gables Florida

Whether you are talking about claims which you are currently negotiating with your insurance company or claim settlements which have been paid by your insurance company, and the claim subsequently closed out, our Public Adjusters will review your paperwork and documentation to determine if there is a possibility for further action and the likelihood of additional settlement funds for your case.

Can you tell me where to find central Florida public adjusters?  Geoff J. in Orlando Florida

Our Public Adjusters are available to help you negotiate your claim settlement throughout the State of Florida, from Pensacola to Key West, and all parts in between.  A central Florida Public Adjuster is just a phone call away, or simply complete the contact form at the top of this page. Always remember, Public Adjusters only get paid if you do. There are no up-front fees for evaluating your claim and the damage or loss to your home or business property.

Exactly what is a claims adjuster? Harry R. in Tallahassee Florida

A claims adjuster is one who reviews the documentation of a claim for damages or loss to your home or business property. A Public Claims Adjuster works for, and gets paid by, you the policy holder. On the other hand, the Insurance Company Claims Adjuster works for, and gets paid by, the insurance company itself. Regardless of how impartial the insurance company adjuster may claim to be, and possibly actually try to be, he is still paid by the insurance company and must represent their best interests. It is in your best interest to always hire a Public Adjuster to represent your side in any claim settlement with your insurance company.

How can I contact licensed public insurance claims adjusters? Mary I. in Miami Lakes Florida

You can rest assured that licensed public insurance claims adjusters are ready and waiting to assist you with your claim for loss or damage to your home or business property. Regardless of whether you property sustained damage or loss due to a catastrophic event, such as a hurricane or tornado, or if your home or business has been damaged by something failing to operate property, such as a leaking dishwasher, washing machine or air conditioner, our licensed public insurance claims adjusters are available to help you be sure to get the best possible claim settlement. We want to be sure that you get the funds necessary to repair and restore your home or commercial property to its pre-accident condition.

Are public claim adjusters necessary – can’t I do this myself? Terrence N. in Orange Park Florida

It is possible that you can represent your own side of the claim, but just as you wouldn’t try to represent yourself in a court of law, a wise decision often involves calling in the professionals to be sure that your best interests and your rights are protected. Expecting an insurance company claims adjuster to represent your best interests is foolish at best … they simply cannot accomplish this as it would be a serious conflict of interest. There are pages and pages of details in your insurance policy, and changes to your policy and to the rules governing claims settlements are enacted all the time. Unless you are a full-time employee in this field, or you are student of this particular type of business and law, it is highly unlikely that you would have the experience, knowledge and expertise needed to represent your own best interests in a claim negotiation with your insurance company and still get the best possible insurance claim settlement.

How do I contact public adjusters in Palm Beach County? Karen D. in Delray Beach Florida

Our public adjusters in Palm Beach County are very highly experienced in the particular circumstances facing people when their homes or businesses sustain damage. Whether you are filing a claim for damages to a commercial building serving the aeronautics industry or a multi-million dollar mansion on the ocean, our Public Adjusters will evaluate the damages and loss to your business or home, including any non-tangible losses such as loss of income (if you have that particular coverage in your insurance policy), and represent your best interests throughout the claim settlement process. Start with the contact form on this page, or simply give us a call at the toll-free number shown at the top of this page.

How can I find public adjusters on the Treasure Coast? William J. in Port St. Lucie Florida

The best way to find Public Adjusters on the Treasure Coast is to start with our contact form on this page. Our licensed Public Adjusters have extensive experience with the insurance industry, and many of them were insurance company adjusters before switching sides to represent the general public. These dedicated professional Public Adjusters are committed to helping you obtain the best possible claim settlement.

My warehouse was damaged by a tornado. Where can I find public commercial claims adjusters?  Warren D. in Palm Beach Florida

When catastrophe strikes, it is such a huge relief to know that there is someone with the experience and expertise available to help you through the maze of paperwork, documentation and negotiations required to obtain a reasonable settlement from your insurance company for your claim for loss and damages. You pay your insurance premiums faithfully year after year and decade after decade so that when this happens, you will be covered and can restore your property to its original condition. It can be devastating to find out that the insurance company is at odds with you and trying to settle your claim for as little as possible. You need Public Adjusters on your team to be sure the terms of your policy are enforced and to assure that you receive the best claim settlement possible.

Will public adjusters help me in negotiate with my insurance company? Erinn H. in Wellington Florida

Yes! Public Adjusters are very well skilled in negotiation tactics as many of our Public Adjusters have previously negotiated for the other side as insurance company adjusters, too. Your Public Adjuster in Florida will review your insurance policy to be absolutely certain of what you are entitled to claim. Your Public Adjuster will help you document the loss and damages to your home or business property and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company’s adjusters to get the best settlement possible for your claim for loss or damages to your home or business.

How can I find Public Adjusters in Miami Dade County? Tran H. in Miami Florida

Where ever you are in Florida, we are there to help you with your insurance claim settlement. Our licensed Public Adjusters are happy to review and evaluate your insurance policy and determine the extent of your insurance coverage for your loss and damages. In Miami Dade County, our Public Adjusters will document and negotiate with the insurance company adjuster to be sure that the terms of your insurance policy are enforced correctly. It is such a relief to have someone in your corner – someone who knows all the rules and can make sure that the insurance company abides by them.

Would a certified claims adjuster really make a difference? Jordan N. in Pensacola Florida

There are statistics that have been gathered which explain just how much of a difference having a certified public claims adjuster really makes. In the event of catastrophic loss, such as during the hurricanes in South Florida, we know that the claims where a Public Adjuster were involved were settled for an average of 747% more than for those without a Public Adjuster where the homeowner or business owner represented himself.  For non-catastrophic claims, such as wind or hail damage or in the event of a plumbing leak damage, the claim settlement amount was an average of 547% higher than for those negotiating without a Public Adjuster.  That’s quite a significant advantage.

Why do I need an accredited claims adjuster? Quincy T. in Hollywood Florida

The activities of Public Adjusters in Florida are regulated by the Division of Finance. Florida’s citizens have a layer of protection from unscrupulous and predatory even, business people who might take advantage of its people. Never hire a Public Adjuster who is not licensed by the State of Florida.

Where can I find a catastrophe claim adjuster? Larry T. in Daytona Beach Florida

All of our licensed Public Claims Adjusters are fully capable of evaluating and documenting damages and losses caused by catastrophic events, such as hurricanes, tornados or sinkholes. They will review the details of your policy to determine the important and relevant clauses for this type of loss. Many times there are several riders which affect the method and documentation required for submitting a claim for catastrophic damages and loss.

Where do I get public adjusters on the west coast of Florida? Mario G. in Tampa Florida

On Florida’s west coast, our Public Adjusters are ready, willing and able to assist you with any claim for loss or damages to your home or business property. Remember, you will only pay the Public Adjuster after you have received your claim settlement payment. There is never an up-front fee for our Public Adjuster’s services. The exact amount of the Public Adjuster’s fee will be determined and made part of the written agreement when you hire your Public Adjuster. There will be no surprises in the negotiations of your insurance claim settlement.

How can I find a flood insurance adjuster? James S. in Miami Springs Florida

Our Public Adjusters are fully qualified to assist in the preparation, documentation and negotiation of your insurance claim settlement. Whether your claim is for damages from a flood, fire or catastrophic damages, our Public Adjusters come with extensive experience, knowledge and expertise. Many of them have worked for the insurance companies themselves. It is critically important to have an experienced Public Claims Adjuster evaluate the damage to your home or business after a flood or plumbing or appliance leak as it is possible for there to be unseen damage in the floor, cabinetry or walls. The potential for mold infestation should also be evaluated. Our Public Adjusters in Florida are more than capable of these services.

How do I go about getting the best claim settlement possible? Andrew K. in Naples Florida

You simply cannot expect the insurance company adjusters to have your best interests in mind as they review your claim for loss or damages to your home or business property. They would be at a serious conflict of interest. While they may profess to be fair in determining your claim settlement, the reality is that they work for the insurance company, and the insurance company’s best interests will be served. Only by hiring a Public Adjuster can you be sure of receiving the best claim settlement possible.

Pick up the phone and call us at Public Adjuster Florida today at 800-787-0408! Or simply complete the quick form at the top of this page, and one of our representatives will contact you right away. You deserve what is rightfully yours – we’ll make sure you get it!